interchangeable tanks for XR 650R/650L

I just bought an Acerbis 6.0 gal tank for my 650L under the impression from the supplier that it would fit, even though it is actually for the R. Getting things apart it was quite apparent that the mounts were different for the acerbis tank, obviously being that it was made to fit an R. Is there any clever ways to get around the different mounts without serious surgery to the frame or should I return the tank. If so, any recommendations on aftermarket tanks in the 5 -6 gal range?

Just return the tank for one that fits properly..the 650L has a tonof aftermarket tanks that actually do fit...

That tank is made to mount to the R's radiators. IMHO the best way to go forward is to get an XR650R frame, motor, suspension -- then the tank will fit fine!

The tank for an R is a totally wrong item! I have the Acerbis 6 gallon tank on my XR650L and it is a very nice tank. Just go back and get the correct tank.

:devil::awww::lol::D:lol::thumbsup: Now that is the way to start biulding a dirt bike start with the tank :D :D :lol:well at least you won't have a bunch of stock XR650R parts laying around :snore::awww::lol:

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