Subframe and Airbox ?

Will other model subframe fit a 02 426? Like a 250 or 125. Is there a better airbox? Same, I ride in south TX. Dry and dusty and am considering screened holes. Will this help?


Im using an airbox and side panels from a 01 YZ 250 2 stroke. Its a direct bolt in, lighter, flows more air and in my opinion, looks better. The only problem is that the seat doesnt exactly match the contour of the top of the side panels. Its not really noticeable though.

Thanks :thumbsup: does the airbox fit with its own snorkel or do I need a 426 snorkel

You don't need the yz boot, the 426 boot will fit on the yz airbox.

The yz seat fits better. It all depends what fit you want. Altho, the yz seat needs to be trimmed near the tank to bolt up.

I did this mod to my 2001 yz250f. If you want a couple of pic's, send me your email address.


I didnt even think to try the seat from the 250 2 stroke. I even have one!

Yep... try the yz seat.

Undo the seat staples and pull the seat cover back on the section that sits against the tank. You'll have to trim the plastic part of the seat base to make it fit against the tank. When your done trimming, pull the cover back over, staple and go riding. Good luck.....


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