radiator sealant?

anyone have any experience with using rad sealant for a leaking rad. i crashed my bike real good and the left rad is leaking from somewhere near the bottom. or is there any stuff out there that is recommended for these kind of leaks. im talking about the kind of stuff that you mix in your coolant.



I would recommend against using any kind of sealant or the likes...i would only use that stuff for emergencies or to get me to the nearest shop to get it fixed. Most sealant seems to seal/clog up other things too...not just your hole. With that said, your best bet would be to send your radiators off to Myler...they have a super quick turn around, do top notch work, and are very fairly priced...espeically considering what a new radiator costs!!

Send it to Mylers. It may not be pretty in the cooling fins still when you get it back, but it will be fully functional and straight. New radiators for the YZ or WR are about $300 per side. Invest in a pair of guards and or braces.

Find out exactly where it's leaking from. I had a wr426 that I crashed and tore the lower hose mount half off of. I took it to a local rad. shop and he put some type of high temp epoxy on it for like $30. It worked great, but I didn't damage any of the cooling flues that run vertically. If you did, then your local shop is probably not gonna be able to do anything with it. Better send it to where these other guys who know recommend.

hope this helps.

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