Pro taper clamps and bars???

Any recommendations on clamp kits for the 650r for mounting up a set of pro tapers? I see on e-bay you can pick up a Pro taper clamp kit, bars and grips for $155.00 with shipping is this a good price? :thumbsup:

Yeah, that's a really good deal if the top clamp is a quality piece. The cheapest I've seen real ProTapers is about $75. BRP makes excellent clamps, which are about $159 with the bar mounts, and even cheap grips are $8 or $9. If you're thinking about a steering damper, I've seen kits advertized for around $450- $500 including everything. I know that sounds like a lot, but when you start adding up the prices of the individual pieces, it's a great deal. If you do any high-speed off-roading, the damper is worth its weight in gold.

The actual pro-taber adjustable tripple clamps are good can move the entire bar assembly forward and back about 2 inches or so to suit your likings.

I thought I might like to install a stabilizer in the future, so I bought a Scotts upper triple clamp, along with a set of Pro-Tapers. When I really thought a stabilizer might work, the Scotts unit fit right on! Man what a difference a stabilizer can make! Everybody talks about getting rid of head shake(which my bike had)but the hi-speed damping does a great job of keeping the bars from getting ripped out of your hands when hitting those submerged roacks. :thumbsup:

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