starter bushing installation

Just received the parts for the 04 starter upgrade.

How do you remove the old bushing from the left side cover?

Most people are saying that it takes 10-15 minutes to do the upgrade--I don't think they are removing the side cover and driving it out from the backside. :thumbsup:

What is the "quick" way to remove the bushing?

The new starter shaft is smaller on the outside end. The bushing fits into the cover in the existing hole. I just used a plastic hammer to gently tap it into place.


I put the bushing in the freezer and heat the case with a heat gun or a blow dryer. It should drop right in.

am i missing something here? there is no bushing in the '03 side cover. its a blind hole. there's no way to drive it out from the back. there's no hole in the back. the only thing you have to do is remove the small round cover near the starter motor. put that cover in a box. you wont need it. remove the old idler gear assembly. it will be the gear combo, a shaft, needle bearing and a couple washers. the little hole in the back should be just plain aluminum with no bushing. the yamaha bushing isn't solid and should go in the hole with little effort. locate the split to the top.

Exactly! :devil: I find it hard to answer questions that dont make sense. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info.

I took off the starter gear cover and found that there is no way to drive out the old bushing---I took the bushing out of the freezer and just tapped it in carefully then installed the rest of the 04 starter update parts.

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