What's good price on new 04 WR450?


International brokers has it priced at $5,399 w/o taxes, fees and not including shipping. I'd say $5,500 is a great price!

How does this work? Do they ship it right to your door? Do you send them all the cash? I've been looking around for a WR and it seems like this is a very good price for one.

EDIT: Opps, I read the page :cry:

I bought one from the broker. He does ship it via "forward air" andwhere in the US for $200. You'd have to go to forwardair.com and find where the nearest terminal is located. He ships them from Seatttle terminal. I picked mine up from that same terminal, so for me, it was just a drop off point, but still $200! I wired him the money, was $5599. I picked it up on my lunch hour, work pretty close to the terminal. It was cool taking it out of the crate and all. I only have 23 miles on it now!

Chevy_Cowboy, I live in GA, so no sales tax levied. I suppose if you are a MO resident, you have to pay sales tax. It was worth the 680 mile drive for me. That you have to go pick it up is the catch.

Ahh ok, thats a hell of a deal... I live in IL, just across the river from MO. wish I would have known about that before I bought mine locally.

I got about the same price on the bike, but I had to pay 6.25% sales tax and IL title fees on top of it.

i think i scored the deal of a life time! i picked up my brand new 04 wr450f out of a dealer in Folsom, CA for $4999!! guess they were clearing out inventory!

In ohio its not uncommon to see 04 wr450s for 5000 to 5300 and the brand new 05 honda crf450s r only 5489

fair enough you guys are talkng U.S. dollars and i am spending Australian ones but i parted with AUD$11799 on road for my new 2004 wr450f.

makes U.S. pricing seem cheap doesn't it?

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