WR450 55 watt max for headlight

I have a Trick DS kit on my WR450 with the kit running on the 12 volt DC circuit. My headlight is seperated out and running on the 12 volt AC curcuit. I keep hearing that the whole bike is rated at about 130 watts.

Just tried running 90 watts of lighting (UFO 35 watt bulb and new 55 watt running light bulb) It was too much. The voltage dropped to 9 volts.

What I think this means is that the AC circuit is designed for only about 55 watts (Stock WR wattage), and the DC circuit is probably about 70 watts to handle the charging.

Looks like I will run the 55 watt running light for this weekend nightime dual sport ride.

Does anyone have a rewound stator? How many watts?

You can remove the tail light bulb so at low rpms the headlight stays brighter. You can use a glo stick for a taillight marker just duct tape it on. It helps to keep you from being run over from behind. When I run my cyclops helmet light this system works great.

Why not just use an L.E.D. for the tail light? They use almost no power, and are way bright. I'm also thinking of getting H.I.D 's for headlights. I know they are really expensive but with only 60 watts they would be alot brighter than reagular halogens.

The LED taillight would also last longer and better for vibration. The HID headlight is not a bad idea. I will look into it. Sure would be nice to just replace the 35 watt UFO bulb with a 55 watt HID.

My bike is all set up for the night ride. Stuff hanging all over the handlebars. 55 watt light, switches, roll chart LED flashlight, etc. I'm ready!

Thanks for the advise and info guys. :thumbsup:

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