I'm Back! Leak Jet Question?

Well after 2 surgeries (not motorcycle related) within the past 8 months, I am finally back to thinking about riding my WR. Just before these events, I had purchased a ton of new parts and had begun the process of disassembling the bike. So, my bike has been apart for since last November. I'm finally ready to get it back together. It's been long enough now that it might be challenge to remember where all the different bolts go, I may need some input or a picture from you TT'ers. I've basically lost a whole year of riding and I haven't posted much but I've tuned in a few times to see what everyone has been up to.

I do have a leak jet question? What is the part number (if any) for the #40 leak jet?


I found the correct Leak Jet part number. :thumbsup:

Welcome back BB!! :thumbsup:

Wow a whole year off! :devil: Welcome back to the riding world! :awww: If you are ready for Moab join us Sept 30th thru Oct 3rd! Riding is the best recovery. :thumbsup:

Thanks Dan & Dave...

While I haven't been riding off road, I have managed to hit the highways for some good cruising. Since I've already missed several months of work, I probably won't be able to make the Moab trip. Hopefully I can get my bike back together soon and hit the trails. I got the front forks back together last night. I'm adding so many new parts at the same time and haven't rode it for several months, it's going to seen like a "new' bike to me.


BasicBlues you will have to join us in the spring TT Moab ride! You should be back in riding shape by then. :thumbsup:

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