engine problem with 2000 426

The bike started acting funny and kept stalling on me. I stopped riding for a couple of minutes to let the bike cool off. I tried to start the bike after a couple of minutes and I could not move the kick start with the decompression lever pulled in. After a couple of minutes of messing with it I was able to kick it over and start the bike but it would only idle for a couple of seconds and then die. After that couple of seconds of idling it did the same thing with the kick start and decompression lever. I seems like it is hanging on something but not sure what it is. When I got it back home I took the valve cover off and checked the timing chain and cams and decompression lever and they all look ok. I also checked the timing and it looks correct.

Plenty of oil and water? Sounds like it was siezeing up? Was it over heating? Did you have a burnt / funny smell when you pulled the top off?

My WR400F started behaving in a similar fashion when I had been doing a very wet and muddy day of riding. Turned out to be that the Accelerator Pump had a load of water on top of the diaphram. Cleaning the carb, blowing out all jets etc with an airline made it run like new again...

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