WR426 Exhaust silencer replacement (Suggestions?)

I just purchased a 2001 WR426F and am trying to get it in shape. It is missing the silencer & airbox lid (as I read in previous posts adds power). I would like to quiet it down so I done anger the nieghbors. Any suggestions? I won't do it if it will sacrafice the power noticably.

In addition, if I crack the throttle (in neutral) really quickly, it dies & backfires. When I am riding it, I don't have any problems becaus I am carring RPM's when I hit the throttle. (It only does it when I crack it very quick).... Is this normal - if not what could be doing this. :thumbsup:

I sent you a PM.

forget about the airbox lid.

I have a YZ pipe and it's pretty good.

have you done the BK mod? This will partially cure your 'problem'. Mine still does it sometimes, but it's a condition that is never happens in the real world, so I wouldnt worry about it.

Assuming that you have the stock exhaust with the baffle removed.

Get the Yamaha GYR-T insert. Costs about $40.00. 1/2 as loud. Not to much performance loss.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the BK mod?

I agree that the stall thing does has not affected me while riding.

Thanks, this sounds like a good option. I appreciate the help. :thumbsup:

The BK mod limits the squirt duration on your carb. Stock, mine squirted for over 4 seconds. You want about 1/3-1/2 second squirt. Look on Motoman393's site for details on how to do this. It will help a lot and reduce fouling plugs. http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/

I had both the GYRT and the PMB insert. I think it really reduces power and makes the bike run quite a bit hotter which is why I stopped using them. Of these 2, I'd buy the PMB since it's all aluminum and the GYRT is aluminum with steel tubes pushed into it. I also think the PMB works a little better and they cost the same.

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