Changing out headlights- 650R

I have a CA plated XR650R with a baja designs kit on it... I just got an Acerbis Diamond headlight set up.


and I'm wondering if anyone has made this swap out. I'm not overly concerned about blinkers or high beams, but what wires go where? And will the new 3 halogen Diamond like drain the little battery pack that comes with the Baja kit?

Any help would be appreciated,



If you haven't rewound your stator you won't be able to run all three lights at the same time without discharging the battery. You can run two though, as long as you keep the RPM's up.

First join 1 wire from each of the lights into one connector, this will be your common ground. Plug this into the black wire that goes into the baja designs headlight connector. From here you have a several options - the way you wire it will be determined by which lights you want to come on versus which switch position.

The green wire that goes to the little running light is hot in any of the upper three switch positions. The green w/ blue stripe in the bd headlight connector is the lowbeam power lead, the yellow is highbeam. Join the remaining three wires from the headlight to these wires in the combo you like.

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