Leaving California, have current green sticker for my 99 WR

What should I do with my current green sticker for my 99 dub-r?

Why, send it to me, and I will use it in your memory. And thanks for leaving the state. :)

Can you take some Gorons with you?


Now your're talking! Offers? :)

Bryan, I've got a pair of old moldy stinky riding boots that I can trade for the green sticker...they are circa 1980 axo boots and theyare in good shape except for the sole has fallen off the left boot and my daughter used the right one for a planter... those tomatoes do taste kind of funny, did I mention that they stink?

green stickerless, huge

Guys - not smart move. The one time I got stopped by a ranger at Gorman he knew EXACTLY what he was looking for with regards to the VIN. A bike with a 3/C in the VIN & a Green Sticker might cause the ranger to inspect a little closer and notice that the VIN on the bike does not match the VIN on the paperwork. The ranger I spoke with mentioned guys riding bikes 'licensed' in Arizona and the rider had a Ca drivers license - they can & will write you a ticket and then you get to tell it to the judge. Potentially a decent sized fine.


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