UK Practice tracks

For those of you who don't know.....

There is a listing UK practice tracks at under the "tracks" link on the left of the page.

and BTW...

The track at Milton Keynes is open on saturdays and sundays from now on. Today was his first day of opening.

Contact Nik Fisk on 07711 724932 for details.



three of us are booked in to do a straight 3-hour at whaddon, nr Milton Keynes, next sunday. i'm looking forward to it but for two things.

one, i'm unfit, stressed & knackered as well as being overworked & tetchy.

two, i haven't ridden much, haven't got time to touch it, need a tyre on the rear, do the air & oil filters as well as a front puncture & work on the trailer that's going to take it there.

the good news is that at present i only have the two problems...



What number is your bike? I'll come and say hello.

i'm 221 i think darren.


How did you get to hear about the Whaddon event. I'm a Milton Keynes club member and no bugger told me!!

Ill Take a look at the practice track list.

There is a 10 km practice track in powys in wales that's set in 600 acres of land. You can go any where on this site and its Got every type of terain. Ady Smith and Fast eddy train there.

I did my first enduro at whaddon when I was 14 and only did 2 laps, probably because I was riding a 120kg klx250.

When I was 16 i won the eastern center 2 man championship (trail bike class) on a Yamaha TTR 250.

Now im 17 and ive got my year 2000 WR400 and cant wait to do some more racing at Whaddon!



What is the MK club for, enduro or MX?

I live in MK and might be interested in joining. Can you give me some details?

i heard about it through a mate who is in the bike trade & got it off Gavin Hockley when he visited his shop at colchester.

the cotswold club are running it & they're the club that had a meeting called off in the first week of the foot & mouth.

it's a straight three-hour race.


hey Taffy

im at that race 2,[number 154]

i share both your worrys plus a few more ,,namely

1] its my first race and im scared

2] hope my wrist holds out [broke it on the day the first waddon race was cancelled]

3] after that crash ive lost my bottle a bit

apart from that,,,,,''BRING IT ON''

ps,,, any idea on the lay out of waddon ,,wot shud i expect,,, ??


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

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