Auto Clutch

In reading some of these messages some of you are talking about an auto clutch. What is it,how can I get one and what will it do for my 01 426 on the trails?

There are I think 3 models, Revloc is one I dont recall the other name but Rekluse is in my opinion the Best

I have a rekluse Zstart Auto on my 2000 426. The bike now is absolutely perfect and the Auto was the Best Mod I put on for the Buck. At $400 plus or Minus with the addition of the Clutch Perch (Dont Recommend it) The Rekluse Zstart is by far the best product IMO Bang for buck

Do a search for Rekluse or Zstart in the yzf426 forum, you will find plenty of write ups and opinions on this great product :thumbsup:

I am really looking into getting one of the z-start clutch setups. But I am a little leery. I have a question for those of you who have it installed on you bike.

- When the z-start clutch is installed and can you still keep the original clutch set up on the bike and use it. I want to be able to use both at the same time. I do not want the relay on the z-start only.

I do not want to even notice that the z-start is installed when I am using the stock clutch.

Thanks Greg Callahan



The other brand is EFM. I run one and it is very good, I would like to try a Rekluse just because it is a brother TTer's product and seems to be well thought out. Reviews have been excellent. All models allow the use of a lever if desired, the feel is different, operation is the same. After you run one for a while you will ditch the lever unless you run sx. It could be a problem when a jump immediately follows a slow corner. I love mine, it works great and is brainless. Acceleration is instant, no stalling ever. Negatives are, it will roll backwards if you somehow killed it going up a steep hill and you wont be able to push start it. Rekluse the best price and no modification of stock parts are necessary. Efm requires machining of the stock basket, Revloc does also. :thumbsup:

Are you saying that you cant bump-start with an autoclutch? And when the engine is not running there is no clutch lock-up?

Are you saying that you cant bump-start with an autoclutch? And when the engine is not running there is no clutch lock-up?

Yes ans yes


I recently installed a Rekluse z-start on my 2000 426 and absolutely love it. In my opinion I now have the perfect bike for tight technical woods trail riding. Gobs of power when you need it w/o the worry of stalling it when you have to take it slow.

About two weeks back I ran it through it paces at the Tellico OHV in the North Carolina Mountains. It was my first time there and I quickly discovered that I would have been in way over my head had it not been for the z-start. I tell my buddies that I didn’t go riding, but that I went rock climbing. My friend, who was riding a KLX 300, and I were the only two on bikes in the area. Everyone else was on ATVs, Jeeps, or hopped up 4X4s. Man this stuff was gnarly. After it was said and done, I only stalled twice which actually took some doing. Without the z-start there would have been no telling how many times I would have stalled given that our top speed was probably about 10-15 mph all day long with the average being just fast enough to keep the bike balanced as I threaded up and around 1-3 foot ledges, huge boulders, rocks, etc. I fully anticipated having to buy new rims after the ride but luckily they seem to be largely undamaged.

Before purchasing the Rekluse, one key concern I had was that I would not have the same throttle response. To my delight I have not had to give up one ounce of response. I can pop over rocks, logs, etc just as if I were still using the manual clutch….except now I can hang on with a full hand grip…which I think makes the bike safer for the type of riding I do.

If you are planning on riding trails, I think you will be very pleased with the Rekluse Z-Start.


Cant really be said any better than that can it?

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