kick stand

Hello, Has anyone ever welded a bigger foot on the kick stand to help the bike stay upright while parked in sand?

Not exactly a sexy topic, but this thing is heavy to pick up.

In sand (as in sand dunes) just hold the front brake and spin the back tire digging a hole in the sand. It will hold the bike up even if your drunk friends walk into it backwards after catching their eyebrows on fire from a flaming marshmellow.

Don't ask me how I know this. :thumbsup:

Yes, I welded half a 2" square washer on the side that face' back when the kick stand is down. It face' the swing arm when up. Irounded it to a u. It added 1.25" I also bent the end some. It does not rub on the swing arm and makes the bike stay up right in the sand untill some drunk guy backing away from a flaming marshmellow hits it :thumbsup: but, it is 400% better then stock :devil:


If you have drunks around then you have empty cans. They are very effective in supporting the bike.

hows that for rocket science! :devil:

Its all fun and games until a flamming marshmellow is flung and lands in your womans hair! :thumbsup:

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