00 yzf426 rear shock problem

My rear shock suddenly stopped getting full range of motion.Is this common? I still have movement but it is not nearly what it used to be. Could this just be the bearings or is it more serious?

Is the rod bent?

whens the last time you greased your supension linkage? :thumbsup:

Rod looks good ... It was suggested that maybe the Nitrogen needs recharge. I'm also checking all the linkage this weekend. I have the bike torn down to the subframe so far and nothing looks out of place but i haven't removed the shock yet.

I haven't done any in depth lubing, only superficial to this point. I'll be examining it all this weekend :thumbsup:

lubing is critical - check the shock bushing - it is probably shot -

Nitrogen doesn't just leak out without major issue - may need a complete rebuild if that is the case - great chance to revalve if this is the case. Link for bushings:


Got the shock out it looks good. The swing arm seems to be the real problem. It has good motion from the primary link at the rear of the engine once the lower connecting rod is detached from the frame. Do the lower bearings wear out often? Should all the linkage be free moving? :thumbsup:

Depending on your riding conditions (My riding conditions are mainly mud in the northeast) I try to clean and lube them twice a year. It looks like they might live about two seasons with that maintance plan. They should be free moving.


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