02 WR426 Clutch Basket Rattle?

Hi Guys,

Great forum!

I've got a little concern with my 02 WR426. It has had very little use (300 km and I bought it new) and it has developed a light rattle that is a bit of a worry. The first 200 odd k's it was a very quiet motor but between 200 and 300 it developed the rattle. The local dealer tells me "they all do that" and reckons it is the clutch basket and it won't hurt anything.

I've checked valve clearence and all is within spec.

rattle is quite noticable at idle when the engine is hot with the bike in neutrel.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

could also be the gears rattleing around, sepecially if it goes quiet then you put it in gear. I wouldnt be too concerned about it.

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