Trail Tech Kickstand

I put a Trail Tech kickstand on my `00 YZ426F. Love having the convenience on the trails, in the shop, etc. But I just broke my 3rd pivot bolt. I almost never use the kickstand when starting, don't lounge on my bike in the shop while eating bon-bons and watching tv :devil: but the pivot bolts keep snapping...anyone else have this problem? Any ideas why? Are the kickstand Gods displeased with me :thumbsup:

A freind has a trail tech, it keeps bustin' too...its just an inferior product, IMO. I have a Pro Moto Billet, a little spendy, but haven't had a problem with it at all...its kinda sweet looking to, for a kickstand.

This is Ironic..... I was just sitting here contemplating an order for a kickstand for my YZ400..... I also have a PMB Kickstand on my 426 and have had great service out of the folks at PMB. I did have a rear plate failure, that they made right immediately.

Do you guys think that this is an issue of the bolt just being to soft? If so, it should not be to difficult to go to the hardware store and buy the next level of hardness bolt..

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Mine broke once. They sent me a new one and said they had a bad batch. :thumbsup:

I don't start my bike or sit on it with the stand down anymore just in case that's the problem.

I broke one bolt, they sent me a new one and I bought a spare just incase so I wouldn't be with out my kickstand if another one broke.

Well you guessed it, since I have a spare it has never broken and that's been over a year ago.

Thanks for the input. I've thought about looking for a harder bolt...Maybe I'll check around and see what I can find...I'll post back to this if I find something better. I just wish I had gotten a spare the last time! :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as buying "another bolt," is it? For some reason it seems like I remember the bolt being a somewhat special design with a smooth, stepped-up diameter for the pivot, and a smaller diameter for the threads. Could be wrong, I'd have to take it apart to be sure. Or is it a standard bolt?

Old age, it's a b*tch... :devil::thumbsup:

You're right on it. The pivot bolt is NOT a standard bolt. I'm hoping to find something that can "make do" at least for this weekend's ride. I didn't buy this stand with the idea that I"d have to keep a few pivot bolts in stock like you might do with spark plugs or master links. If I remember, the ad on the site indicates you can "Go ahead and stand on it and kick it". I did this when I first got it and after the first pivot bolt broke, I decided the bolt wasn't going to hold up under those conditions. But I've "babied" these last 2 and the doggone thing snaps again. I went with this one instead of the PMB stand because of cost. But...this is a simple design and it's simply a matter of getting the correct hardness pivot bolt for this application. With consideration to the fact that replacement pivot bolts are available from the distributor of this product right on their website one might think the manufacturer hasn't a solution to this problem either - just a corner on the market of the pivot bolt. I like the kickstand, but I say this to the company that provides that pivot bolt - :thumbsup:

i have the trail tech kickstand on my YZ400 had it there all season never had a problem with it, never broke, i NEVER stand on it to kick start it or lean on it........only once or twice ive had to tighten the bolt but a little silicone on the end helps that..........

I have had mine on a little over a year with zero problems. I went to the Trail Tech after having the Utah Sport clamp on job (piece of doo-doo.) Friend has had the TT stand on his CRF with zero probs. Might really have been a soft batch of bolts.

without seeing the bolt it's hard to comment, but in the past when I've required a stepped bolt I've just got a high tensile bolt the same diameter as the thread, and then made a spacer that snugly fits over the shank of the bolt. It's just as strong because the stepped bolt will always break at the thinest point (the thread)

I also have one that has snapped the pivot bolt after only 2 months.

Seems like quality has not improved.

trailtech want $50 shipping to send me the $6 bolt too.

The joy...

A year and a half on my TrailTech stand and no problems.

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