New "twin chamber" forks on '05 WR's? / Novation SS valves?

Does anybody know if the WR's are also getting the "twin whatever" forks like the YZ's are?

From the "new for '05" part there's a big hoobaloo on the YZ450 section, but only "new adjustable forks" on the WR450 section. Would this mean that they are basically unchanged except for some type of adjustable preload?

Is anybody using the adjustable Novation SS valve in their forks? Any info would be much appreciated.

I bet WRs will get old yz forks. I hate yamaha for giving us extras spoon by spoon, what other companies gave years ago. As soon as Honda make CRF450X I will not give yamaha a dime!!!

do you think honda will put the same forks on an "X" as the moto. i doubt it. are the forks on the 250X exactly the same as the moto?

I was told the 05 WR will have the Twin Chambered fork, the same as the YZ. This is the #1 difference between the 04 and the 05. :thumbsup: Is it worth the money?

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