Stator output

I have ignition and no lights on my XR600R. I don't seem to have a short between the stator and the output leads or between stator and regulator. When I measure voltage across the leads, it reads between 8-10 VAC. Am I measuring correctly, accross the two stator leads (green and white)? If I'm not reading 12, why? My stator is a week old aftermarket, high output model, could it have gone bad? Thanks for any help.

I'm thinking you should have close to 90vac on the stator leads. It gets regulated to 12vdc at the voltage regulator. The ignition is off different coils than the lighting coils on the same stator. I would pull it off and look for damaged wires. You could have a short on a winding but not to ground.

Did you test the stator with the regulator hooked up? If so you might have burned the regulator out with the higher out put stator. That is something I up graded when I wound mine.

It turns out I was reading an unfamiliar meter incorrectly, and I have 2 VAC at the stator output wires. I don't have a short to ground, but to where else would I have one? Not to the ignition coil, it seems to be working fine. I don't know if I have fried the regulator, but right now there isn't much voltage even getting there, so the problem must start at the stator. The next step is to reinstall the factory stator and see if the lights fire back up, but this all has happened on a trip, and my factory stator (and garage) is 500 miles away. Guess I'm going home by truck. Thanks for the help.

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