What the ?? Cork broke off in pipe?

As some of you know I just got my bike street legal and today was my first ride into work. After getting home I was looking over the bike. Something that caught my eye was the cork sticking 1/4 out of the pipe. The bracket that is on the cork where the screw runs through snapped right off. Anybody ever had this problem? Hopefully nothing fell down the pipe.... :thumbsup:

Yeah, I know I should uncork it anyways but it's a money issue right now.

Yup... my exhaust plug broke off too just like you described. Must have been shotty metal or welding.

That's pretty lame. It gets too hot and just gives up, I guess this is another reason to get a new pipe. If crap keeps braking I guess I'll have a completely new bike. Not sure if this is good or not.

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