New 650r uncorking?

First off I want to say "Hi" everybody and what a cool site.The question I have is what else do I need to uncork the "Beast" this is what I have writen down so far,

175 main jet #99101-357-1750

Needle jet(B53e)#16012-mbn-641

slow jet #68s #99105-mbn-0680 or should I use a 70?

Carb insulator #16211-mbn-640

Carb gasket set #16010-mbn-671

Drilling stock silencer

Is thier anything else :thumbsup: that I am missing?? I live at sea level,temps 70`s to high 80`s. I am planning to get the Baja Designs streetable lighting kits but I can`t seem to find a chain guard thats made for the xrr any Ideas?? I will be registering it for the road and need it to pass I believe in the state of Maine...Thanks All :devil::lol::awww:

Remove the air box restrictors. Either the 68s or 70s pilot jet will work, but you'd probably have to try both to find out which works best for you.

If you want the best of power out of the uncorking pull out the stock drill tip and get the HRC tip from Honda. It does make more power with that tip :thumbsup:

yes, as Quadsan mentions, you are missing something, remove the airbox snorkel, and remove the airbox baffle plate. Also you should get the HRC exhaust tip, it's better than just drilling out the stock tip. Good luck and have fun with it! And yes, this site is awesome it is THE site for getting valuable information about your bike! There are lots of guys in here, such as qadsan and others, who can give you any information about your bike that you will need!

Awesome site, you're gonna love it.


:awww: Guys thanks,Yeah I almost forgot the air box mod,cool. What about a chain guard and the 70 slow jet or is that to big?? Another question I weigh about 210 bare arse :thumbsup: what rear shock spring and front springs should I get?? :devil:

I run my XR650R at sea level (90F) also and the 175 main jet had me too rich. So I cut open the air box side cover in addition to the air box mods previously mentioned. The down side to this mod is you have to be careful washing the bike (tape over the opening) and deep streams, water crossings should be avoided.

Also an after market air filter will help ( Uni filter is what I have)


Don't waste your money on the gasket set cause you won't need it. Eric Foster (the guy who created "The Pig Pen" is also from Maine and you could probably hook up with him if you want to ever ride with other XR650R owners.

As far as springs go, my guess would be .45 front & 10.0 rear, but double check that with a suspension shop to get their input.

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