Rear Fender Change?

Is the WR & YZ 450 rear fender interchangable? I have no need for the rear running light and would like to abandon the WR fender for the cleaner lines of a rear fender sans the light. Just wondering if the different seat or anything else prohibits the swap.

I have a YZ450 fender for my Dual sport kit. The YZ fender goes on fine but you need to make some cut outs for the overflow bottle lines and mount. :thumbsup:

Thanks Indy! :thumbsup: I love having the headlight in dark woods sections, but the rear running light is pretty darn worthless in my estimation.

I too put a YZ fender on my WR. Carefully peel off the heat shield material from the old fender and reuse it on the new one if the adhesive is still in good shape. My original shield material is on its second YZ fender now.

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