14 tooth front sprocket

Will a 14 tooth front sprocket fit on an 04 yz450f with the stock case saver still installed? Thanks in advance.

yes it comes standard with a 14 a 15 will also fit on with the case saver :thumbsup:

I put a renthal 15t on the front w/ a renthal r3 520 o ring chain, and I had to take a file to the aluminum case guard. It wasn't much, maybe a couple of millimeters and the chain would've probably filed it down for me but I went ahead and did it. I assume you were talking about the metal piece not the plastic cover everyone throws away.

Hope this helps.

If you elongate the mounting holes in the aluminum case saver, you don't have to file it down. Whatever's easier I guess. :thumbsup:

Exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks to all who replied. Oh and sorry I did mean a 15 tooth. Thanks again! :thumbsup:

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