Diving in on Hot Cam decomp exh for '99 YZ400

After spending a couple hours reading the 450 cam mod moster sticky, searching through various follow-up posts, talking to my mechanic and my yamaha dealer, I've decided to go with the Hot Cams (with the TT plug) rather than the OEM 450. If the price difference between the HC and OEM was more than it is ($45) I'd consider the OEM. The HC was in stock here in Boise, so I'm dropping the bike off today to have it done. I do alot of my own work, but it's only going to be about $60 to have my mechanic do it, so that's money well spent imo. I'll post full reviews after I get some time on the bike.


I have had my HC autodecomp cam for a little over 6 mo now. I had it installed and a Scary Fast PN put on at the same time. OMG, my bike is everything I dreamed it would be when I first bought it. I already had the 10 oz welded flywheel by Moose Engineering. It is an awesome all around bike now. Have fun, fly straight.


did you just do the exhaust cam?

how much easier is it to start and kick? right now my 426 is a bear to start. The compression is very tight.

please advise on your experiences as far kicking it over...



Read the 450Cam Mod post at the top of this forum.

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