WR450F Water Pump Leaking

I have a drip coming out of the weap hole on the bottom of the right cover. Anyone replaced the two seals on the impeller shaft yet? Note: The leak is defintely coming out of the weap hole and not the o-ring on the water pump cover.

I have on my YZF450. No big deal but when it happens again, I am buying the Boyesen Engineering complete water pump.

yes, it's very easy. you should only have to replace the outer one though. pull off the water pump cover (after you've drained the coolant) and impeller and there it is. i grabbed it with a needle nosed pliers and pulled it out. it think the new seal is about 3 bucks. there is a thread in the wr250f section on this. i'm slow and it took an hour.

Replace both the oil seal and the water seal and the impellar shaft. The water seal will wear a grove in the impellar shaft. Use white lithium grease to reinstall. Must do once a year. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! :thumbsup: Hey Indy, my bud doesn't want to do the starter upgrade and he is riding in the U.P. this weekend. I'm crossing my fingers. He said he'll burn it if croaks. :devil:

I went to my buddy at the dealer and he showed me the whole bulletin on fixing the flywheel. I'm hoping that loctite will hold until I talk him into it. :awww: What tires are you running?

He better do the upgrade. I was very lucky and ran over a year without a failure or TSB service. But after reviewing the 04 design it is obvious to many of the "techy" TT members here that it is a must fix! I am running S12's front and back. They work very well in michigan! I will be back in the UP this weekend!

Where are you going in the UP? I am actually going up to Wisconsin towards the end of the week, but the UP is only five miles away. We use the dirt roads to get there, then it's all Michigan trail system! :thumbsup: We almost made it to lake superior last time!

I will be riding in Wisconsin on Friday. Then driving to UP on Friday night and riding Saturday, sunday & Monday around the Newberry, Michigan area: Sandtown, Silver Creek riding areas. :thumbsup:

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