over heating '02 426

Was riding technical 1st and 2nd gear single track, bike overheated, overflow bottle empty, puking fluid out the tube next to swingarm. Let sit for a while and was fine, but I didn't climb anymore in elavation and picked up the pace alot. I am going to the 1.6 cap and I need to replace the vent and overflow tubes only because the ends or split.

My bike over heats on tight stuff since i put aliminium radiator braces on.I have heard of others who have had the same problem.At the rate i hit the ground i figure i need the braces.I just rest the bike if i get stuck for any time .

I always had the same problem until I started using engine ice :thumbsup:

I also wrapped my head pipe in exhaust wrap and put some heat shield on the very bottom of my right radiator which helps the heat in tight stuff I can promise you just ride around in shorts before and after :thumbsup:

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