Baja Designs new battery and holder for E-Start kit

Several have asked me if I have received the Battery box, battery and other electric components that Baja Designs promised us who purchased the kit. The original battery left much to be desired (although my kit has worked flawlessly since they replaced my defective battery). Baja Designs has stood behind their product. They called me today to let me know that they shipped everything to me and that I should receive it by the middle of next week. This is at no cost to me whatsoever. No fussing, fighting and trying to twist arms. They decided to do this on their own. Thanks Baja Designs for being customer oriented. That's why I do buisness with you. :thumbsup:

I'll be waiting for the photo's. Glad to hear about the customer service done the right way. :thumbsup:

I recently delt with Baja Designs as well,

I posted this thread

Looking for info on how to make the Acerbis Diamond headlights work with my BD kit, well I went ahead and called them and talked to a guy named Dan. I explained that I had bought the bike used and wanted to put someone elses parts with their kit (IE: I am not realy a customer of theirs) and Dan had no issues with chatting with me for about a half hour about how to make it all work.

In the end I went down there to their shop (I live about 60 miles from them) and for $45 they:

Changed out my red BD headlight for a black one.

Changed out my control switch (on off, high low beam, blinker)

sold me a replacement bulb holder for my tail light.

Installed everything

BD has my vote, Incredible customer service!


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