Air Filter Cleaning

What do you guys use to clean your air filters?

Do not want to use gasoline or kerosene.


PJ1 air filter cleaner .... And water hose

I initially clean mine with solvent. Then I clean them in water + dishwashing soap and then dry them thoroughly before they're oiled. After thoroughly working the oil in and sqeezing out as much oil as I can, I then I place them in plastic ziplock bags and let them hang for a few days so the excess oil runs to the bottom pocket of the bag. After draining out the accumulated oil, they're ready for use. I typically do ~12 to ~18 air filters at a time.


Once you go with their system you will never use anything else. I wash mine in my kitchen sink with warm water and no gloves on.

Plus their filter is the best for our bike.

No Toil is a GREAT product.

A mechanic put me onto this. A can of preen (cloths stain remover) works great, easy too. just spray it on, need it into the filter add a little water and keep needing it then rinse it with water. If still a little oily repeat. Filters come up spotless.

NO TOIL!! You'll never go back to solvents or anything else!!

Happy Trails,


An alternative to kerosene that doesnt smell nearly as bad and actually evaporates is a kerosene-based (key word "based") parts washer solvent. Its clear, fairly easy to clean up, and cuts the crud. I think I washed the UNI on my last bike in a bucket of hot water with alot of dish soap. Maybe twice, I dont recall.

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