Jetting and the free mods. Again.....I'm sure

I have had my 03 WR450 for about two months now and I'm coming off a TTR225 so it was a huge difference to the WR. It's been bone stock and I now feel comfortable and want the power. My funds are going to the payments so I don’t want to spend more than necessary. What jetting do you recommend for these mods (stock open pipe,gray wire, air box plate,) ordered the yz throttle stop. I know JD kit is recommend but too much $ right now. I'm not great with engine mechanics but I know my way around the garage. Can I do it myself? Detailed direction anywhere? or have shop do it? Sorry I know you guys must have answered this type of question several times. Thanks in advance for your replies. P.S. This site has been a great help and inspiration for my bike

I will let the Americans reply to most of your modification questions since the Canadian bikes are uncorked. or you can do a search for the throttle stop, grey wire disconnection and exhaust baffle and jetting mods.

Just make sure you do the cylinder head breather hose mod, becuase mine screwed up by driving in muddy, wet Eastern conditions by not doing it!! Expensive lessons.

Bike armor is also good due to the exposed oil lines.

And make sure you have armor too, I bought mine after I needed it. Best to do before. Not a big deal, just a lot of pain for about three weeks. Safety gear would have changed to pain big time.

Have fun. I am like you, I make the payments and actually I don't think the WR450 needs a lot of big bucks mods. That is why I traded my DRZ400 on my WR. Just do the waterproofing mods along with the performance mods.

save your money. do it yourself. buy the gytr exhaust insert. it's about $40. our ears will appreciate it. not sure of your location but a good base line jetting is 45 pilot in warm weather (48 for cold). 160 main. to save some money, try either the '03 YZ needle or the'04 WR needle. both are an improvement over the stock '03WR needle. check out's site. look for the wr450 project bike. the extended pilot fuel screws are great but if your careful, a short screw driver bit will work. start at about 1.5 turns out.

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