Rekluse E-Start autoclutch review

I took my XR650R out for it's first official ride since installing the E-Start autoclutch. I put a total of 32 miles on the bike. It was all open desert roads here in Washington known as the green dot road system. There were ravenes and hills with occassional rockeries to climb. This time of year because of how dry everything is these roads tend to be a bit squirrely because of loose sands and dirt over hard pan surface. Not a lot of tight technical riding.

The bike died one time when I was turning around on some grass at about 1mph. I goosed it a little and immediately let off the fuel and it died. That was the only time it died. I turned the idle up just a hair and it never died again. I could slam on the brakes and lock up the rear tire but the bike kept right on running. I definately rode a gear higher in almost all situations and could have easily never used first gear all day. The autoclutch releases the clutch smoother and more controled than I could ever do it. Therefore there was no wheel spin unless I delibertly wacked the throttle. I did not notice the squirrely effect because of the smooth auto-clutch release. It was obvious to me that this smooth delivery of power to the wheels will really be nice on tight mountain trails when they get technical.

Engine compression, which I use for breaking when going down long hills was present almost to a complete stop. I was very happy to see that. It can be adjusted so you can freewheel but I liked it the way I have it adjusted. Im not big on freewheeling on a long down hill.

Shifting must be done slightly differently. When accelerating through the gears you must not let the bike start to compression between shifts or it will be very hard to shift and hard on the gears. It doesn't take long to figure this out and become quite proficient at shifting. Down shifting is as usual, I rarely used clutch when downshifting before and so nothing new with that. Since I purchased the clutch adapter so I could retain my manual clutch I can shift using the clutch lever but only did that a couple of times to see if it works and it did. Tomorrow I will be doing tight forest and hopefully I will find a downed tree so I can use the clutch lever to pop the front wheel over a log or two.

It looks like this will be a worth while mod that I will really like. :thumbsup:

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