E-Series pipe issues

I just recently put on an E-series can on my 650R.

12 disks and the spark arrestor, Problem is the exhaust is comming out the disks (because of the spark arrestor) and has started melting my rear fender! :thumbsup:

So I take the spark arrestor off, left 12 disks on. Way too loud!!!

Spark Arrestor off and 1 disk, still too loud...

My question:

Has anyone drilled a couple holes in the spark arrestor?

I want to run the exhaust out the end instead of out the sides though the disks, but don't want to wake up the sheriff


They make a deflector that bolts on the end cap.I think there about twenty bucks or so.It's a WhiteBros. part and i know Chapparral has them. :thumbsup:

Interesting. I run the "E" Series pipe, quiet core insert and 12 discs and haven't experienced any heat related issues. Do you have the stock insulation inside the right side panel?

Yeah, it wasnt heating the side panel, it was comming out the discs and melting the tail piece. I went down to Chaparral like MotoChris said to and got the 120* heat shield.

All is well now.

With the spark arrestor in place exhaust doesnt leave the rear of the pipe, it goes out only though the discs. The heat shield blocks it from the 8-Oclock possition to 12-Oclock.

I also took out 3 discs as I was running just a tad lean. Seems pretty dialed in now, I got some Krylon Fusion paint yesterday so I'm test painting the side covers (the white ones) today.

I'll post pics in a few days.

Yeah I had/have the E series S-Bend. Good can. I never had any melted fender issues but I still have black carbon/exhaust markes on my fender. I currently have a PC T-4 full exhaust. You might want to look into the new E-2 can. My son and I were killing time hitting all the shops this weekend and checked it out. If you need to be "Green" I think this is a good can to check out. Has anyone one visited NCY and delt with a major hose bag "Jim" with the "SPROCKETS" glasses? Over the years I have actually tried to give them my money to buy a bike or two or three and I have to say that there are good people there that are trying to earn your bizness. But this guy is such a frikkin' tool that thinks he is soooo cool. Sorry, NCY but I go to your shop to get ideas and spend my money anywhere but at your shop. Oh Jim, You missed out on about 20k last year that you had a shot at if you were not such a pr*ck. I'm going to get a new 2005 YZ125, but I'm not going to let you soak me for full retail plus all your doosh bag add ons. Plus, I'm still thinking about the KTM 105 for my daughter...Oooops!! You're not going to get my money for that either! Oh and Jim, I am not a cheap skate. I believe in treating people the way I would like/expect to be treated. After years of doing biznizz with people like you I have actually found some people that give a sh*t. I pay fair prices but also enjoy "Doing" business with them. Oh yeah, in closing, just wanted to say...Love yer glasses. If Charles Nelson Reilly was still alive, he might have hole-shot you for them. :thumbsup::devil:

Its supposed to come out of the discs, Get a heat shield

hmmm, very interesting....yet another pipe not to get for the brp...wish i knew what the answer was!

Iron Mike Dude Kay,

You know what the answer is. Give it to us :thumbsup:!

hmmm, very interesting....yet another pipe not to get for the brp...wish i knew what the answer was!

Add in the 120* heat shield for $23 and I think its a good can. Fit good, no problems, sounds good, and with the discs and other tip accessories you could make the thing sound like you like.

I too have the same problem on my L with this pipe but with mine my turn signal is right above where the exhaust comes out the discs and is melting my turn signal!!! :thumbsup: Guess ill have to get the 360 heat shield hopfully that will stop it from melting anymore.

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