Quick Action Throttle

Does anyone know of a throttle that can be fitted to the WR426 that reduces the amount of throttle rotaion that is needed to get full opening of the carby slide.

I find it difficult to position my hand/wrist so i can go from no throttle to full throttle without changing my grip on the throttle tube.

There seems to be plenty of these available for single throttle cable setups but none? for the push pull cable setup on the WR's

Two questions I need to ask; first, what handgrips are you running? Secondly, what gloves do you wear? These two answers could help determine your solution. I once put "Oury Grips" on a dirt bike, I was told they were the best :thumbsup: After one ride, I ripped 'em straight off. The thickness of the grip was the problem. If you have thick grips and thick palmed gloves, that could be your problem......

I started out with the standard grips it came with, then went to a dual compound type. They don't seem to be noticably thicker then original. With the gloves, I started out with a crappy old leather pair that were thinner then Granny's nickers then went to some MX style gloves that are a little thicker but I was to tight to buy the really good (thick) ones.

I have felt the same with all combinations but now that you mention it, I think it got a little worse with the new gloves. :thumbsup:

try motino pro if you want a new twist throttle, they will prolly have one. When i was at yamaha looking at a wr450 i noticed that the throttle didnt turn very far compared to other bikes, it only turns like a quarter of the way around if that. lol

nofear14, better do a search on "throttle stop". there's a reason it felt like that and it needs to be fixed before you ride.

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