engine mods

what engine mods should i get to improve both my low end and my top end without sacrificing one for the other,if worst comes to worst i would rather sacrifice top end for bottom end. I have most of my other mods figured out. I am not going to bore it out cause IMO engines get unreliable when they get bored.

here is all the non engine mods i am gonna get

1.Suspsension (front and rear) re done by independant suspension and a paddle tire with a rim in the rear

2. get yoshimura trs pipe and jet kit and twin air foam filter

3. short levers so i can use only 2 fingers

4.belly plate

5. fork guards

6. renthal fatty barss and tag metals risers

7. steering stabelizer

8.acrebis handguards

9.IMS pro series pegs

10. yz450 fenders (just the fron and rear fenders not the radiator shrouds and all that junk)

11. did x ring chan and renthal stock size sprockets

are these good mods? just to start with? ( i really dont know cause i have been into quads for years and now i am switching to bikes and i dont know whats good for bikes and whats not)

anything else i should get before i start modding the engine???

First thing you want to do is the free mods. Off-road.com has a WR project bike with instructions. A JD jetting kit purchased at the store here is another good bet. The exhaust needs to be unplugged and a promoto billet insert is a cheap way to keep things quiet. Otherwise buy an FMF Q. The Scotts or BRP tripple clamp stabilizer combos are my reccomendations. BRP has one with a 22 mm offset if you desire quicker turning for tight trails. I am looking in to this at the moment. Make sure that you change your springs to match your weight. The Race Tech site has a good calculator for this. As for the other stuff I would ride the bike for a while and see what you think it needs. The plastics and pegs and bars all depend on your body dimensions and preferences. The bike is great with just the free mods and a balanced suspension so don't spend money on much else till you get a good feel for the bike.

Oh yeah, Protect the heck out of anything you can buy protection for. Radiators are easily bent and opened up. Radiator guards, skid plate, hand guards, and shark fin are must haves.

Leave the chain and sprokets alone till you need them. Mine came stock with an x-ring.

what is an imo engine :excuseme:my friend and I just bored his yz 400 to a 444 with an athena piston and put a jd jetting kit in it and it's more reliable now than before and it's scarry fast :thumbsup:

imo, in my opinion.

i'm not sure of the year but the rod and piston pin were beefed up from early yz/wr 4xx yamahas. some of the early years tended to blow up when modified.

we put a vesrah rod kit for a 426 in it from dennis kirk


Your pipe and jet kit will help your low and high end. A PowerNow will help your low end with sacrificing the high end. I am assuming you have a WR450. I think the WR426's have plenty of low end already. :thumbsup:

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