Water Pump leak

I noticed when I was riding yesterday that I was leaking a good bit of coolant out of the weep hole, so I figure it's time for new seals and impeller shaft. Is there any tips I need to know before I do this? And how do you get the impeller of safely, do you need to remove the side cover like the manual says?


I know somebody has done this...

Lay the bike over on its side. Pull the large right side engine side cover off and the water pump impellar cover.

Put a socket on the impellar and a wrench on the other side of the shaft. Loosen and then remove both the oil seal and water seal. Place new seals and new impellar shaft because it grooves easily from the dry water seal. Use white lithium grease liberally and loctitie the impellar back on the new shaft. Careful to line up impellar shaft with crank to reseat the side cover on. Place a full new gasket on the side cover. Put cover on and loctitie the small side cover bolts. Put the water pump cover back on. This way you do not need to drain any of the coolant but be careful not to put a bolt or dowel in the engine by mistake. :thumbsup: Be prepared to do this once a year on these bikes.

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