Forks in triple clamps for moto

I have an 03 YZ450F that I race desert with. Am running some somer motocross to get in shape. For desert I have the forks flush with the top of the triole clamp, where do you put them for moto?

I have the top of mine 5mm up from the top of the triple clamp. If you want to turn sharper raise them but the sharper turning comes at a cost; reduced high speed stability.

I run mine (on a 426) 4mm below the little "line" below the cap on the the fork tubes. I also run my rear wheel all the way back in the swingarm.

If you moved the rear wheel foward it would turn even quicker.

I run mine about 3/8 inch exposed above the top clamp no matter what the condition...seems to handle great and ive yet to have any high speed stability problems.

I drop the forks to get it to turn equal to or a little better than stock and the wheel all the way back makes it very stable. (not that it wasn't before or anything! LOL)

BTW...Fastest1....are you going to be at the GMB III ?????

The July 2004 issue of Dirt Bike recommends positioning the fork so that 8mm shows above the top clamp.

I haven't changed mine from stock flush yet but I probably will give it a shot.

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