XR650L carb dumping gas

Can anyone help?. Riding the other day, my 650L started dumping gas out of the carb and stopped running. I did a trailside pull of the carb and pulled the float bowl. The float seemed to move fine. I cleand the carb very well and put it back in. The bike started no problem and off I went. About 15 minutes later, same problem and same solution. I rode the rest of the day with no problems. However, as I pulled up to the truck, it started dumping gas again although it ran fine. Based upon the excessive gas use for the day, I assume it dumped gas out the overflow most of the day. Any idea?. Do I need a rebuild? The carb looks good inside and the jets are clean. There is no evidence of gas having turned to sludge with the previous owner. I have the dynojet kit on the bike with a 165 main jet. The air box snorkle is removed with a good filter. I also have the BigGun Quiet pipe. Thanks in advance.

It seems like your float is sticking open. The needle may be getting crud out of your tank and blocking it open or your float is hanging up in the open position. Drain the gas from the tank and pull the petcock. Check the screen to make sure it isn't ripped letting crud through it (I assume it has a screen???). Next put a light in the tank and make sure it isn't flaking rust or crud from the bottom. Put an inline fuel filter between it and the carb inlet. Check your float to make sure it isn't hanging up somehow. You can replace just the needle so you might want to try a new one.

I had the same problem this weekend with a XR650R. See the post on XR650R/Stuck Float/Overheating.

Thanks, the screen looks fine and I made sure the new Clarke tank did not have any plastic flakes in it. The needle is new and I can't get the float to bind or stick. I will keep at it.

had the same thing happen to me once on the trail, all I did was loosen the carb bleeder screw and let some fresh fuel flush out the bowl, hasn't happened since, go figure.

Just an idea, but since you have the DJ kit with the 165 main, do you also have the 'long' 55 pilot? The 'long' pilot can touch the slosh baffle. You may need to either trim the slosh baffle, or get the 55s (short) pilot jet.

You may have already checked that, but just in case.

Fun Ridin'! :thumbsup:

Mike in KC


I did not change the anything but the main jet so I don't think so. I will look again anyway since I am going to open the carb up again to see if there is any crud that could be causing the needle to stick. I will also adjust the float at the same time. Thanks for the tip.

Yup, gotta be somthing in the float needle area. You might want to increase your pilot to a 55 or at least a 52 also. That wont help the overflow issue but it will help the running and throttle response. :thumbsup:

Thanks, I am digging into it this weekend. I am both cleaning the carb and adjusting the float. When the bike is not dumping gas, it runs perfect. I will let you know the results.

The float in my XRL carb is plastic and not really adjustable. Pull the pivot pin out and really check the float needle and seat with a magnifying glass (or one of those nifty ring lights with the magnifying glass center). Make sure that there are no burrs hanging anything up.

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