LaRocco's leap, Rickys no footed cancan on new table top

Go to click on photo gallery, check out the redbud pics (round 5) I was there,Ricky did the cross up on LaRoccos leap and the next jump was the new table top where he did the no footed cancan on the last lap as he kicked some serious ass. The new whoop section made a lot of top guys look like amatuers, if you messed up it killed all your momentum and they would almost be stopped.

Hey Satch, i dont have your pc skills. I checked out your posting of LaRocco's leap and wanted to show the no footed cancan, but didnt know how too, so i just put in the web site.In the early 90's saturday before the national, during the amatuer races(they run a different track) my friends and i walked up the face of LaRoccos leap (drinking beer of course) man is that jump steep. It was the only way i could go over that jump safely.I live 3 hours from redbud in midland, mi :thumbsup:


Hey, thats the picture i wanted to show,thanks Satch0922. Ricky was flawless that day and one of the few riders to hammer those whoops all day long, or at least when i was by the whoops. :thumbsup:

That's sweet. :thumbsup::devil:

RC is fearless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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