Anyone else disappointed w/Robbie Knievil's jump?

And they call him a daredevil? How short was that jump? A daredevil would have done at least a back flip over that. I have seen B class riders on 125s jump better than that? I think Robbie should go to gary semics mx school and learn to ride a dirtbike. 1 hour show for a 15 sec jump


ya it was pretty damn weak. i think that mike metzger backflipped that size gap when he won the xgames a few years back.

Hes a joke...he spends 2 weeks prepping for a jump that most freestylers would do without blinking while doing a backflip....his dad was a true daredevil...anyone who jumps that stuff on a rigid framed harley has got a serious his dad said "If i had one of these fancy motocross bikes with 12 inches of travel i could have jumped over the moon!"

C'mon guys lets give him credit,it didnt "LOOK" like much but remember he had to slam into some haybales after he landed,i dont think i would have laid it down,straight through over the bars for me baby! :thumbsup:

I dont even bother to watch that crap anymore. Such a waste of my time.

I agree with all ur posts, it was weak, but he just used his name to i dont know try to raise morale, if that was it probably didnt work, i would have rode into the water, that would have been badass.

I didn't even see this latest jump. The jump over the Grand Canyon he did a couple of years ago was ok. Wouldn't want to come up short on that one and I think it was 140 or 150 feet. I think he jumped the fountains at Ceasar's Palace a few years ago also. I know his dad wrecked trying that jump and so did some other dude that got all f'd up. Like was said earlier most of the stuff he jumps the freestylers would be throwing a trick. His dad was a nut though. Robbie needs to come up with some sick ass jump cause the freestyle guys are really making him look bad. Never the less I would not jump anywhere near as far as he has.

I'm not a real big fan of the kid. He's a punk compared to his dad. I saw his dad back in the days when he jumped at drag strips. That man was a pioneer and a true professional when he was at the track. He brought a sense of dignity to jumping. But the kid? Nope. I think he's a punk and riding on the shirttails of Evel. He's got no business on national tv when the MC can't even get the microphone back from him! He's got no business on a dirt bike and doesn't deserve to ride a rigid off a jump much less on the street. whoa...didn't know I had that much anger backed up. better go hit the trails!!! :thumbsup:

You have to remember that he is also promoting to the kids that they go to school, stay away from drugs and do what their parents say. Just like his dad did. That alone says alot nowadays to a parent. Give him credit for that!

Think Metzger would ever do that?? :thumbsup:

I'll give Robby boy credit when he clears Larraco's leap, :jawdrop:I'm sure he would never even try. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

Fair enough....I'm just an old timer who thinks alot of Evel. Good point about junior promoting family values...very good point. I will, reluctantly, recant my statement that Robby is a punk. But Evel is still the man!!!

It's nothing more than 99.9% of the stuff in our society -- i.e., all marketing/show biz and no substance. It just so happens that this little bit of show biz involves a dirt bike.

We all know it's bogus because we see 100 guys jump nearly as far or farther every weekend over and over again at MX races and in the sand dunes without batting an eye or crashing on landing. But the people in the stands don't know that. These are the same people who have to ask me three times if it's true when I tell them my kid races motorcycles. ("With a real engine? That burns gasoline? You mean like a motorycle motorcycle? It's not a bicycle? Wow! Does he need a license?")

It's just like a magician who builds up to his grand finale with such pomp and circumstance when all other magicians who know the trick know it's all just show. Does that make it any less entertaining for those in the audience who don't know the trick? No.

We just happen to know Robbie's trick. Don't think for a second that he doesn't know it too. He knows he's playing his audience. That's what show biz is!

There's nothing lame about the guy. He's just an actor. He knows where he stands vis-a-vis real motocrossers. Just like we know where we stand vis-a-vis the pros, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the attention we get at office donut parties when someone tells the new girl in accounting that we race motorcycles :thumbsup:

I'll give Robby boy credit when he clears Larraco's leap, :jawdrop:I'm sure he would never even try. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

Oh im sure he would, but it would take weeks..even months of planning, they would need a hospital standing by incase of the inevitable, and he would need his engineers to study and analyze it to make sure it was 100% safe...was a flake! :lol:

Blackflip is old news. Now you arent even considered a true freestyler unless you can do a 360 backflip. :thumbsup:

Come on already, a 360 is so yesterday. :thumbsup: You're not anybody untill you've done a Chuck Roll :devil::awww::lol:

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