plates in NM for XR650R with dual sport kit

I'm told that in New Mexico it is essentially impossible now to modify a bike to dual-sport/road legal status. I had started looking into installing a 'kit' on a XR650R and seeking MVD registration and tags. Can anyone comment with first hand info?

I had two friends go down to Austin last year and buy new KTM625SX's and had the dealer put on the baja design kits. Well, one had no problem getting the plates and the other finally had to get the bike titled/plated in Texas by the dealer. Maybe it depends on who you get to help you at the MVD but if your title says "offroad use only" or whatever I wouldn't hold my breath (or waste my cash on the DS kit). It's risky at best...

Yes this state is tough on allowing street plates when your title says 'off road use only'. I made my XR completely street legal, but MVD refused to inspect it. I asked to for a waiver to allow a state highway department inspection, but MVD said no. European dirt bikes do not have the 'off road only' statement on the MSO, so they are easy to title and plate. Japanese bikes put the 'off road only' statement on all dirt bike MSO's. One way to get around this issue is to transfer ownership of your bike to a friend in Colorado, have a colorado title and plate made for the bike and then have the friend transfer ownership back to you. It will then go smoothly thru NM MVD, cause that off road only statement is gone from the Colorado title. Another way is to find a junk XR650L and renew the plate/sticker and slap it on your 650R. :thumbsup:


What are the mechanics of the title transfer back from (say) Colorado? Is this pro forma, do they typically do a scan of the bike, or do they do a detailed exam, and maybe tumble to 'dirt bike only' again? If I believed that this was a simple xfer, I would seriously consider this route.

Because the bike is from out of state. Colorado will do an inspection. You need a brake and tail light, front light (I used an Acerbis DOT light), left mirror, DOT knobbies and horn. Don't put on turn signals unless they work. Also you need a speedometer/odometer, not just an odometer. Deed the bike over to a friend as a 'gift' to avoid taxes. You pay for the title and registration. Have your friend deed it back to you as a gift with the NM bill of sale form signed and showing 0 dollars for the transaction. Take the Colorado title, NM bill of sale and bike in to NM for a inspection (out of state bikes require inspection, in state bikes do not). Pay your title and Registration fees and you are done. This will work in Arizona also. If you need a speedo just for the inspection I can sell you one from an old Yamaha DT 400 for $7. It works with the OEM Honda odometer cable. :thumbsup:


Please see your private email for followons

I bought my XR650R in NM and it was tagged and inspected. It had a horn and a rear brake light...that was it. Stock head light, no mirrors, no turn were non-DOT too. I guess it depends on who inspects it. :thumbsup:

What year was bike originally tagged? What city? Did you buy it already tagged? Did the bike have a out of state title when you got it tagged? Lots of unknowns here. :thumbsup:

I think it was originally tagged in 2002. I bought it in NM in 2003 already tagged for NM. It was originally purchased new in Arizona. I added turn signals, high/low beam, mirrors and DOT tires so I could get it tagged in Texas.

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