wr426, how fast will it go?

how fast will a 400 or a 426 go? stock gearing riding at the rev limiter and how does the motor feal at those r.p.m.'s :thumbsup:

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My 99 WR400 will top out at 85mph, 90 on a hot day with a clean air filter etc. I have stock gearing on the bike with the free mods done and a PMB exhaust insert. As for the motor, I couldn't say, I'm too buisy looking out for deer :devil:. It doesn't seem to want to explode though, and I don't go over 65 or 70 very often, just because it winds the piss out of the motor. :thumbsup:

I know my 2001 will go 83 mph and that's not letting it wind

out completely in 5th. I'm thinking high 80's. Engine gets pretty buzzy up there.


My WR400 in SM trim with a 39 tooth rear sprocket...Reading about 102-104 down the back straight at Jennings GP!

I embarrassed (in the corners) MANY a GSXR, CBR, Etc...Much fun!

I had the bike topped out (HP limited)...Never hit the rev limiter in fifth gear...

Barber Motorsports Park...HERE I COME! Racing the WR in the lightweight class...My R6 in the middleweight classes...

Mark Z.

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FUSA #96

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My 02 426 with a 13/51 tops out at 85 on the rev and feels pretty solid. Oh it gets there really quick.

I've had mine to 93 going up Mojave wash. That's with a 15/49 in semi-soft sand and I weigh in at 250 all geared up. :thumbsup:

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