Sounds good. I might look into the 680 down the road.

Bruce -

sounds like pig heaven!

yeah i met Irondude a couple times. My impression was that he was a kook. Plus he was a total flake. I think we are better off with him off the forum--let him go mouth off to the pumpkin bumpkins!

i have a brand new edlebrock quicksilver II for sale.Came from Bob Barnums set up for uncorked xr650r,instructions needles pro-motin throttle and cables

I'm running my carb with the stock needle and 19 from fully closed. I have had no problems with the carb or the bike whatsoever. Once I put an Akrapovic full system on the bike I added 2 more clicks to the rich to get 19. I'm also running a Nology coil and wire, not sure if this makes a difference. My biggest complaint with the stocker was that during steep inclines or declines it would sputter or even a fall the bike would take many many kicks to fire, even following the flooded drill. Sure I could have adjusted the float height but bolted on the edelbrock and didn't look back. I ride between 2000 and 8000 feet and run 92+ pump gas. Can't give you much advice regarding your carb but give them a call at edelbrock and see. :thumbsup:

Check out the special Barnums is running- $350! Ya gotta back-order it with a $100 deposit, & delivery is late September/ early October, but I doubt you're gonna find 'em any quicker elsewhere. Can't beat that deal!

How much? Why you selling?


Since this post is continuing I thought I would pose a question here instead of calling Rob. I installed my Quicksilver about a month ago and literally 4 clicks richer it seems perfect. However, after riding it fast on logging roads the bike seems hotter now??? It isn't boiling but it does start pinging while lugging it after it warms up. Not being an expert on carbs (not even close) I'm wondering if it is possible to enrichen 1/2 - full throttle without changing the low (no - 1/2) throttle performance. In other words I don't want to open a can of worms here -so to speak. Otherwise I have to say this carb is awesome!! The bike is a 2002 xr650, e series pipe (uncorked). The coolant hasn't boiled even on long rides and the oil, coolant, and valves are right on. Just seems a little hotter than it used to be. Thanks for the help.


$350 complete set-up cables and all,waited so long for it that I got my stock carb dialed in and am satisfied.the carb it virtually brand new

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