Please Help I need a better seat.

anyone out there find a good aftermarket seat with good padding?? :thumbsup::devil:

I am very happy with the Guts foam and cover I put on my 03 450. Really is comfortable on the long rides. They have several options based on riding styles. Go check out the web site. I called and had the guy tell me what type foam to buy. The only issue is that the WR is already a tall bike. The tall foam adds close to another inch. But well worth it.

ill check em out. thanks :thumbsup::devil:

Do they have seat foam that does not raise the height? I'd love something softer for my ass, but the bike is too tall already.


I bought the stock height, soft foam and I love it. If you bounce on it really hard, you can feel the seat frame. But I hardly notice. It is much better than the stock seat. Hope this helps,


anyone out there find a good aftermarket seat with good padding?? :devil::thumbsup:

I have a seat with the factory effex tall seat foam and their gripper for sale.$40 It is a nice soft seat and is about an inch higher.I have pics if your interested.

I bought an SDG tall seat from another TT member. It is taller than stock, but much softer, so when you are in the saddle, the actual seat height is probably pretty close to the same. Comfort is MUCH improved though, as are ergo's (02 WR 426, switched to YZ seat and IMS tank.) :thumbsup:

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