Fluidyne Radiators on XR650R

Yet another question about a product I probably don't need but I think I'm going to get anyway. Any experiences with them? There's a few posts on the CRF forum, but nothing more than a "it looked well built sitting in it's box" type post. Thanks. :thumbsup:

PS - For anyone that read the Moriwaki post, the exhaust came in and is absolutely beautiful. For $400 shipped, it is a hell of a deal. The only problem with the system seems to be the rear can, which looks like it was just borrowed off of a smaller crotch-rocket. That is not necesarily bad in itself, but it makes for a quite large muffler, especially in comparison to others on the market. But I'll see how it does with some time on the bike and report back.

Fluidyne Hyflow Radiators:

I've run them for 6 months now--they are awesome.

Much stronger than stock, great fit and finish.

The Devol radiator guards dont fit, but the larger tanks do.

Highly recommended and cheaper than OEM replacements...


What size exit hole does the Moriwaki have? How loud? How long is the can?

$400 complete Moriwaki system delivered?

Where from?

K, that price is directly from Big Valley Honda, who is the only importer of this product. It's a beautiful system, but you'll loose some performance off the bottom end with it. Barnums will have a trick new exhaust system in production later this year that offers more on top without sacraficing the low end.


Check out this thread for more Moriwaki info...


Gary when is the Qadson/Barnum pipe going to be ready!????

We need that pipe!


Yep, what qadsan said. I just checked the reciept, and the total was actually $411, not that that is a big difference. :devil: I spoke with Rob over the phone, and his exhaust sounds like it will be perfect for the XR650R, but I'm sure there will be more feedback once it's out. For the time being, the Moriwaki is a great exhaust, especially considering the craftsmanship. The quality is far better than WB and PC, and in the same league as Akra. Now if only Barnums exhaust was produced by Moriwaki... :thumbsup:.

On a side note, I'm going to probably order the Fluidyne radiators in a few days, so I'll have a second opinion, but they sound superb.

Gary when is the Qadson/Barnum pipe going to be ready!???? We need that pipe!

I dunno for sure, but I think the production units will probably be here before years end if not sooner (hopefully). If it was available a few months ago, I would have checked it out and probably bought it, but I got this Moriwaki as a gift and feel like I have to use it, although it's pretty darn nice looking :thumbsup:

The fluidyne radiator also hold 9 OZ more water then stock.

They got #1 & 2 at the Baja 1000.

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