YZ450 PROB :(

ok, so ive had my 04 yz 450 for a lil more then 2 weeks now... and so far no real problems ... until today ... i went to the track, and just did some laps goin around the smaller flat part of the track, just for a warm up .. and my bike stalled twice ... once each lap .... and then it wouldnt start for a good 5 mins after each time ! then i didnt have a problem for about 2-3 hrs .. and when i was leaven, it stalled again .. and wouldnt start ... and 5 mins later and about 100 kicks, it started .. then right at the entrance of the track, the bike stalled ... at this point i thought it was maybe the gas cause i hadnt filled up all day .. looked, and it was pretty close to empty, but still not completly empty .. so what do you think my problem is ? :thumbsup:

oh and before i forget ... yesterday i took disconected the TPS ... and i liked the improvement ... but after it stalled the 2nd time .. i pluged it back in and it started up right away ? if this has something to do with it idk .. but it stalled twice after with it plugged in so ..

take a quick look at your plug sounds like you may be rich. that makes it hard to start hot. try turning your fuel screw in 1/4 turn.. If plug is black after a good long ride lower main 1 step. also turn idle up a bit.. if the bike is brand new they are a lil finicky for a lil bit.

did you tape the plug up? you could have gotten mud in a plug and shorted a circuit? :thumbsup:

i didnt tape it up .. dumb me, BUT it works fine now .. and when i was riding, there was absolutely no water or mud so i highly doubt it .. though it was humid as hell ...

and i figured maybe it was rich, but then how could i be able to start it easily now ? i think maybe it was just a fluke problem

Give it some time, you will get to know the bike, in most cases when I get a bike fresh I go back over it, for some reason I always picture the new guy at the bike shop putting mine together... You should give it a one over, the plug the hoses all your harnesses, check that everything is nice and snug and give your swing arm and steering tube some good greese.... :thumbsup: One other thing the 450 requires alot of petro when you open her up so the low fuel may have effected you, clean fuel of course, if it had junk in it and the tank was low you suck more down into the carb. yadda yadda yadda anyway give her some time. all will be well... :devil:

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