Canadian Nationals at Riverglade (Moncton) today

Attended the Canadian Nationals today. I know it isn't as good as Washougal was today, but it is still pretty special.

The good news story of today was seeing Blair Morgan on the box with a close second in the first moto. He rode great but still says his body has a long way to go. Great ambassador though. Atta go Blair!

Evan Laughridge is probably my favourite rider since he is so darn nice, fast and very professional. Mike Treadwell is also great for us old guys (hey, these guys are American, so what).

Rained hard in the first 250 moto, JSR had a healthy lead and the had to change both front and rear flats at the same time, don't see or hear of that ever day. Doug Dehaan went well and Huffman was styling.

The sun came out and became super warm for the 2nd pro motos, perfect looking track!!!

It was weird to see the 125 dominated because I thought that would be a toss up, but Donnie McGourty was smooth and did not put a wheel wrong all day.

Locals Mich Cooke and Ryan Lockhart could have done better but Lockhart is riding with a bad leg and Cooke is riding with bad luck or carma or something. He must be hard on bikes, but he ran up front big time the 2nd 250.

Lots of pretty girls, 1st class racing, and different track conditions. Even the free style show was great. Only ran into one dick all day at the Riverside Yamaha display putting the run to everyone because he had his set up all wrong.

Bad news is, can't go trail riding with a bunch of smoking Intermediate guys (since my beast is in the shop with the breather hose issue)tomorrow since bike is in shop and the big bill is coming.

Good news, I have a bike and nobody to my knowledge left in the meat wagon. (freestylers really are crazy!!!!) Landing ramp was onto asphalt!! The crowd loved them though.

Good job by all (even the flaggers did great).


Pretty good racing eh! :thumbsup:

I was at the CMRC Nationals at RJs north of Barrie, hot sunny and loads of eye candy :devil: Nice to see Blair in the top 3 after a crazy accident last year :awww: there a good article about Blair in the Canadian edition of "Racer X" As for JSR...he's amazing to watch! :lol: The 250s still leading the 250 class and a 125 won the 125 class???? wow go figure. The 250f dominated the 125 class at RJs, its not even fair....I hear romurs of class restructuring in the works....any word?

That's too bad about your machine....If you were closer you could borrow my YZ or WR400. :D

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