jetting specs for XR650R in colorado?

I got a new XR650R I will be picking up shortly from Kansas. I need to rejet however for Colorado Springs. Anyone have any jetting ideas for around 6,000 ft? I have checked the various websites for ideas but I was hoping to find someone at this altitude to give me some specifics. (will uncork of course)

Just got back from Lake City, CO (8,600+ ft)...have been up there with a BRP twice, and have used the following jetting:

162 Main

65s Slow

The bike runs great with these jets...even up to 13,000 feet. BTW, I run a 175-180 Main, with a 68 Slow, in Phoenix.

thanks for the replies! I look forward to getting this thing tuned right. Actually, I look forward now just picking up the bike!

My dealer here in the Denver area told me that they generally leave the stock jetting in place as it works very well at our altitude. My bike seems to run fine with it, but I have no basis for comparison.

Hey Quadsan...

Thanks for that site!

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