04 Conversion Today ~ Left Side Cover Was Cracked ~ Now I Need One

As advertised, attempted the install the 04 conversion today and found that my side cover was cracked. If someone has one available let me know. Thanks

I have one, we bought the 04 cover before the bushing part number was known. I have pics, pm your email and I will send them. Side cover shipped free anywhere in the 48 states $50.00.

If your deal with Wrench falls through. PM me. I have one sitting on my shelf as well.

Okay, I give. Whats the "04 conversion."

Go to www.wr450.com

go to photo section and look at the detailed 04 starter conversion notes and pics. :thumbsup:

Okay, I give. Whats the "04 conversion."

I don't think you need it. It's for wr450's.

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