fitting 2001 plastic on a '98 400

it's time for new plastic on my bike and I'm a little sick of the dumpy front number plate and want to go with an all black (except for the tank - I'm not shelling out that kind of cash) setup. Acerbis only sells black plastics for 2000+. I know the radiators are different but will the shroud bolt up. How about the rear fender is it the same?

I have 01 plastic and a top triple clamp (bolts on top) that I will sell you if I can find a 03+ subframe for my conversion

I'd be interested. So the rear fender and shrouds will fit you think? I've been trying to find a good steal on a top clamp on ebay. What color plastic and what brand clamp? PM me when and if you're looking to sell. :thumbsup:


Stock top clamp

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