Checked your shims lately?

I've had a few intermittant running problems lately, the kind that 'fix themselves' as the day goes on. Also had hells own trouble getting my JD kit to run properly, to the extent of changing back to the YZ needle. So I thought, I'd better check the valve clearances.


had less than 0.05 on the centre inlet . Only one was in spec. Looks like I'd better start saving my $$ for a new set of Ti valves and a seat job :lol:

I recently had my valves all checked after 1000 miles of hard riding. They were all within specs. One of the intake's were a little tight but not enough to change out the shim this time. I think these bike engines are well built and designed. :thumbsup:

Yer i checked mine yesterday, I have 1300kms on the clock and there still in spec :thumbsup:

Checked mine for the 1st time after 1500+ miles. Fully expected them to be out of spec but to my surprise they were all OK :thumbsup:

15,000 K's and still in spec :thumbsup:

god only knows how many km's are on my bike. Depends how many thousands km's the previous owner would back the odo :thumbsup: .

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